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Servergy's Patented Cleantech Architecture™ Addresses All of These Critical Issues In The Data Center

A new class of OpenStack solutions

With the Servergy Cleantech Architecture™, we have developed a PowerLinux OpenStack solution for scale-out applications. Servergy leverages the OpenStack framework to manage access, identity and provisioning resources for our new class of clean and green high I/O, PowerLinux Cleantech Servers® that offer high efficiency and high density.

Our Cleantech Servers® have been engineered from the ground up with our patented Cleantech Architecture™  technology, delivering a compute fabric with extremely high I/O, high density and high scalability solutions for the enterprise.


Saves Space

Up to 16x compute density vs. traditional server technology.


Improves Throughput

Up to 16x the I/O bandwidth density.



New Cleantech Architecture from Servergy reduces power, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon footprint by up to 80% or more.


Pays for Itself

Every $1 spent returns up to $5 back in 3 years or less.


Highly Scalable

Cloud, big data, caching, distributed storage solutions.


Proven Architecture

Based on mature, scalable and data center proven Power Architecture.


Jonathan Bryce

Executive Director of OpenStack

“Servergy brings a great deal of experience in clean and green technology that allows hyper-efficient scale out to the OpenStack community, Its contributions will enable data centers and enterprises to boost IT performance and overcome the growing power and space constraints that are challenging the industry today, globally. We look forward to advancing the mission of OpenStack with the support of Servergy.”


Bryan Bogensberger

CEO of Inktank

“The storage industry and its established players are being challenged by the software-­‐defined storage model that delivers scalability and reliability at a lower price point. In addition to radical improvements in the economics of data storage, Ceph was designed to provide the scalability, flexibility and fault tolerance needed for large-­‐scale storage deployments on a variety of storage platforms. When paired with Ceph, the new Servergy Cleantech Servers provide a unique advantage, affording the ultra-­‐high efficiency, I/O and density that makes for new clean, green, large-­‐scale storage deployments that literally help pay for themselves.”

Williams Financial Group

David Williams

President of Williams Financial Group

“Williams Financial Group is extremely pleased to have participated in Servergy’s Series-­‐C round and believes the company is well on its way to deliver on its vision of high-­‐performance, low power and extreme I/O density to the server industry. We are happy to have been able to offer clients such a unique investment opportunity that addresses the rapidly increasing needs of the technology sector for hyper-­‐efficient servers. We look forward to the continued relationship.”


Jim Zemlin

Executive Director at

“Because of its investment in Linux and collaborative development, Servergy is in a natural position to help advance the market for hyper-efficient, high performance servers. The company’s approach to building Power Architecture-based, enterprise-class Linux machines can help drastically reduce the energy footprint of traditional data centers.”


Mark Longwell

Director of OEM Solutions of SUSE

“Servergy’s recent launch of its high I/O, clean and green PowerLinux servers has opened up significant new global opportunities for partners like us. Having SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Power on Servergy Cleantech Servers will help us meet customer demand for hardware solutions that run on Linux, address growing power, space and cooling constraints, and can scale-­‐out for high I/O applications running on cloud and big data.”

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