SVY-Cloud is Servergy's private cloud offering that provides users with an interface and storage client for the QuadS storage solution with unprecedented security and user control.


The premise of SVY-Cloud is to provide users access to their data in a secure environment from virtually anywhere. The seamless inteface enables administrators to have complete control of access and usage.


SVY-Cloud provides improved reliability by leveraging the strengths of clustered storage. This virtually eliminates single points of failure and provides redundancy in the system, affording full availability of data at all times.


SVY-Cloud enhances data security by implementing various features, including user authentications, secure transfer protocols, and data encryption at rest.

Share management with the ability to add password protection as well as user permissions.
Version history allows you to track all changes made to a file along with the ability to revert to an older version.
The desktop application provides an automatic syncing feature to ensure all of your files are synced each time a change is made.
All data stored and shared through SVY-Cloud is encrypted at rest and in flight.
Adding multiple users to your SVY-Cloud allows for easy collaboration between employees.
All data is replicated three times and stored on three seperate drives using Ceph technology.