The QuadS is a revolutionary, scalable, distributed data storage solution that addresses three of the largest storage challenges:

Data security for breach prevention

Energy efficiency

Storage requirements in the age of the Internet of Things

QuadS is a secure clustered storage solution that utilizes Ceph at its core. Ceph provides file, block and object storage in a single unified solution built upon its Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS.)

Based on Freescale’s high performance QorIQ chipset, QuadS offering is built around the CTS-1000, a clustered, tiered appliance that’s purpose-designed to bridge the longstanding gap between hardware and software integration. The solution takes a proactive approach to securing data and incorporates hardware and software layers at various nodes in the data flow life cycle.

Easy expansion path into the Petabyte (PB) scale that grows organically based on customer needs
Rigorously architected into the storage cluster and data replication technology, giving it an inherently fault-tolerant nature
Extreme energy efficiency of the CTS-1000 enables low cost of ownership
Enhanced data security by integrating UTM appliances in the data storage life cycle, and integrating trusted platform technologies deeply rooted in Freescale's trust architecture
Industry leading raw storage per rack provides space efficiency saving both space and energy, the QuadS provides industry leading raw storage per rack while enabling a low cost of ownership
On-premise and hosted options for multiple zone availability with consistent user experience

Servergy's UTM

The design philosophy that drove Servergy’s UTM (unified threat management) solution was to provide the right balance between security and the user requirements for bandwidth.

The marriage of the inherent hardware design features of the Freescale QorIQ chipset and the rich software feature set of Servergy UTM provides for combined control, data path, and application layer processing and security. This high level of integration offers significant performance benefits when compared to multiple discrete devices.

Servergy UTM delivers a solution-centric approach to unified threat management by combining silicon, software, and an expanded and extended ecosystem for targeted vertical embedded network security applications.

Smash stacking protection

Address space layout randomization (ASLR)

Offload engine for CPU optimization greatly accelerates encryption & decryption

Network Security / NGFW
Email Security
Malware Scanning
Application Identification
Web Security
Forensic Logging
VPN (IPSec and SSL) user integration
Disk encryption (data at rest)